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Some people think that side dishes don’t deserve much attention and must be simple and plain.

I disagree. I think they must be vibrant, colourful, healthy and delicious!

Today I want to show you one of my favorite side dishes that goes well with any fish, seafood or eggs.

It can be served cold or hot. It looks good, it tastes delicious and you definitely have to try it!

Pineapple, beets, green onions? 

Yes, they go together perfectly, believe me! Pineapple makes the taste fresh and sweet (canned pineapple can’t be used here), beets add the color and the earthy note, onions balanced the flavors, adding a hint of spice to it.

I am sure you will love it! Ready?

Let’s go cooking!


We will need:

1 cup of cooked brown or white rice

3 cooked beets

2/3 cup of fresh pineapple 

1 table spoon of green onions

I would like to say one more time that no canned pineapple bits can be used, you can use the “ready to go” cooked beets though - no problem.

Cube your pineapple.

Chop beets, onions.

Mix everything together.

You can add some black pepper and some olive oil if you wish but it’s not necessary.

That’s it! Serve it with your favorite protein and enjoy!

Пт, 5 Ноября 2021г. 08:39
один стакан вареного риса?

Пт, 5 Ноября 2021г. 09:06
Всё верно.

Пт, 5 Ноября 2021г. 14:55
Отлично, я как раз села на специфическую диету, такое блюдо как раз подойдет.

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