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Ice cream is a huge part of any summer. Today I would like to show you my new amazing recipe. 

I have no idea how could we live without it all these years…Incredibly delicious and super healthy!

My ice cream has no sugar, eggs, can be made with any type of yogurt. And consists of only 3 ingredients. How crazy is that?

I serve my ice cream with honey but you are more then welcome to use any garnish you want or none at all.

Amazing desert for anyone: adult or kids alike. I am sure your family will LOVE it! Ready? Let’s start cooking!

Will need: 3 (portions)

1 cup (250 ml) of pistachio nuts 

8—10 small dates

300 g. of yogurt of any kind ( i use goat yogurt)

Mix nuts and dates. Blend well. Make sure your blender is strong enough for this type of a tusk. If not, please soak nuts in water for about 2 hours. Drain the water after.

Add yogurt. Feel free to use any available one. Blend with nuts and dates till smooth.

Pour into container and freeze.

Let it defrost a bit before serving.

Add some honey, chocolate or any syrup of your choice.


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