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Many of us know about the existence of such ice cream, but not many people know that it is made of matcha powder, which is quite difficult to buy in everyday life.

I always wanted to make a version of ice cream that would exclude that complex ingredient, but during winter I  simply had no time for this. Now it’s summer, and ice cream is all I can think about haha. So as a result, today we’re making the tasty “Green Tea” ice cream. It has a gentle tea flavor, which is barely noticeable and does not dominate.

I could not deprive myself of a chocolate filler, but you can go without it.

Ready? Set? Let’s go cooking!

We will need: (4 servings)

2green tea bags in 100 ml of water (no caffeine if you want the children to try it as well)

1 teaspoon of tea leaves

10 tbsp. of cashew (300 g cup)

4.5 tbsp. of honey

1.5 tbsp. of coconut oil (can be replaced by vegetable oil)

A small handful of curly kale or spinach

1/4 tsp of ginger

3 tbsp. of vegan chocolate chips + 2 tbsp. of water (for the chocolate filling, if desired)

Soak the cashews for the night.

Make a steep tea in the water. Cut the packet, take out the loose tea leaves and leave 1 tsp of them, throw out the rest.

Drain the water from cashews and blend them together with the tea, coconut oil, honey, and ginger in the blender.

Add the curly kale. In the end, you should get a thick composition. Remember that it’s always better to have less liquid, because when all the dry ingredients have already been used, adjusting the thickness will be more difficult.

Now add the green tea.

Bring the ice cream to the final stage: the tea leaves must be completely ground.

Mix the chips with water and put in a microwave for 25 seconds. Take out the chocolate. Pour ice cream into the mold, then chocolate, and ice cream again, and one more time chocolate, so you should get striped ice cream.

Now a little bit of imagination hehe.

Put it in the freezer.


Double portion, anyone?

Bon appetit!

Вс, 21 Июня 2015г. 07:22
Лида, спасибо! Волшебно! Да еще и с настоящим чаем, подаренным подругой из Японии. Необыкновенно вкусно, у мужа широко раскрылись глаза от удивления, когда дала ему попробовать:)))))

Вс, 21 Июня 2015г. 11:02
Мария, для того и работаем, чтобы мужей удивлять;)). Очень рада, что ему понравилось! Удачи Вам!

Пт, 5 Июня 2015г. 03:30
Я нашла matcha powder только в растворимом виде, то есть заварки там нет. Хочу попробовать с ним. Спасибо за рецепт!

Пт, 5 Июня 2015г. 09:33
Отлично! С этим порошком удобнее готовить. Удачи Вам!

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