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Today we are making the easiest and the most delicious salad ever! I promise you, you will be making it all the time.

It goes well pretty much with everything.

I serve it with the eggs, fish, noodles.

it has only one main ingredient and a few sauces to bring it to the next level- so delicious! If you want to make it extra spicy add some chopped garlic.


Let’s start cooking.

We will need: (2 portions)

1 large lettuce or two small

2 table spoons of fish sauce

2 table spoons of rice vinegar

1 table spoon of sesame seeds oil

1/2 tea spoons of chilli powder (I use mild)

Wash and dry your lettuce.


Chop the ends off then cut the lettuce.

Add the rest of ingredients.

Mix it with your hand. Give it a good squeeze.

Serve immediately.


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