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Baked zuccini with almond crumbs (gluten-free, vegan)

Sometimes there is just no inspiration for cooking: your fridge is empty with just a few “sad-looking” veggies, which don’t not spark your imagination. Well those days are over because I can make even those “sad-looking” veggies work for you! Today we are going to play with zuccini.
I love this versatile vegetable.
It’s tasty, easy (and fast) to cook, and you can make a lot of nice dishes from it.
Today I am going to show you how to make an amazing baked zuccini with almond crumbs. It’s “to die for” how tasty it will come out! Trust me!
I highly recommend you to double the ingredients because it’s almost impossible to stop eating it once done cooking.
Tastes super delicious and it very healthy at the same time. Give it a try! You will not regret! I promise!
Ready? Let’s go cooking!

We will need: (2 portions)

2 zucchinis

1/2 cup (1 cup – 250 ml.) of almond flour

2 cloves of garlic

1/2 of lime or 2 table spoons of lemon juice

Fresh dill

Olive oil, salt, black pepper

Warm up your oven to 165C/325F.
Cut your zuccini, add chopped garlic, some oil in it, salt and pepper to taste.
Chop dill and add to the vegetable.
Mix flour, salt, pepper. Spread oil on the pan and place your zucchinis there.
Cover with the flour mix.
Bake for about 30 minutes.
I prefer it when it’s cold, but you can definitely enjoy it both ways. Have a great day everyone!


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