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Summer is the “salad season”. Everything is fresh, vibrant and very tasty.

My family eats a lot of salads and I love to experiment with them.

From light and low calories to the ones that can be great as a full meal.

Today we are creating a lettuce salad with avocados, onions, radishes and maybe some nuts. I use walnuts because they bring an amazing array of flavors to the dish.

Also how can you say no to that extra crunch?
You can also experiment with the toppings. If you are not vegan, you may easily add hard boiled egg or smoked salmon. No doubt, this easy-breezy salad will be a great addition to your table.

Ready? Let’s go cooking!

We will need: (for two)

4-5 lettuce leaves

1 large avocado

4 relishes

2 table spoons of red onions chopped your way

1 table spoon of walnuts

Cilantro to taste

For dressing

1 table spoons of lime juice

3 table spoons of avocado oil (can easily make the dressing with the olive oil or other oils with no heavy smell)

Salt and fresh pepper to taste

Chop all the vegetables, mix them together.

Combine everything for the dressing. Add to the salad.

If you wish, add nuts or cilantro.


Пт, 9 Августа 2019г. 15:00
Чудный салат

Пт, 9 Августа 2019г. 15:10
Отлично! Спасибо за отзыв!

Вс, 21 Июля 2019г. 10:10
Крутая идея! Обязательно приготовлю

Вс, 21 Июля 2019г. 10:16
Спасибо! Приятного эксперимента!

Чт, 18 Июля 2019г. 08:50
гениально, супер)

Чт, 18 Июля 2019г. 09:09
Ура! Приятного аппетита!

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