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Apple cake (gluten-free, vegan, raw)

When you think about apple desert, you think of something pre-heated and served warm.
Not today. I have been always fascinated by apple ice cream that is quite hard to find and also motivated by idea of a cold apple cake.
Well, today is the day! I want to show you my new creation: the raw, cold apple cake.
It’s not just tasty but it’s also very healthy, it’s loaded with protein and perfect for any occasion.
The taste reminds you of a combination of an apple pie and some vanilla ice cream.
To die for! No need to have anything else for dessert! Unlike apple strudel or crumble, you can make this pie way ahead of serving and enjoy it any moment you want.
It will stay good in the fridge for a long time as you need.
Our new, super tasty gluten-free cake is ready for you!
Let’s go cooking!

We will need: (1 medium size cake)

For the base

3/4 cup (1 cup – 250 ml.) of gluten-free or regular oats

3/4 cups of pecan

6 large dates

For the cream

200-210 g. of silken tofu

120 g. of dry apples

1/2 cup of cashew

3 dates (if needed)

1 table spoon of maple syrup (optional)

1-1.1/4 cup of any plant based milk (or regular milk)

Cinnamon to taste

Grind together oats and nuts.

Add the dates and grind.

The base is ready.

Soak your dry apples in lukewarm  water. It will help your blender create a better and smoother cream.
Add tofu, syrup, dates, nuts, milk, cinnamon and apples (without the water) to your blender. Mix together.

Pour the mixture into the silicone pan or into whatever you are going to use.
Freeze for 4 hours. Ready!

Slice you apple cake and enjoy!


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