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Almond Pancakes (Vegan)


The recipe for these pancakes was born quickly and suddenly. There was not much time, but as always, everyone at home had to be served and fed, but it actually turned out that everyone was pleased as well! Unusual, a bit thick pancakes, sweet enough, without any gravy or sauces, my boys fell in love with them, I hope you will like them too.

Ready? Set? Let’s go cooking!

We will need: (9 large pancakes)

1 tbsp. of flaxseed meal + 3 tbsp. of water

7 tbsp. of brown rice flour

2 tbsp. of whole wheat flour

1 tbsp. of fresh almond oil

2 tbsp. of white sugar

100 ml of almond milk

2 tbsp. of vegetable oil

A few drops of almond extract (optional)

Soak the flaxseed meal until it swells. Mix all other ingredients, add the flaxseed and fry. Serve with berries.


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