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Vegan “chicken liver” pate with carrots (gluten-free)

Pate is a great dish. We all love that delicacy.
It’s easy to make, you can serve it in different ways (with crackers, vegetables, over your salad), and easily store it in your fridge.
Today we are preparing not just some ordinary pate but a vegan “liver” one made with the healthy ingredients that will leave you happy, healthy and satisfied.
My pate consist of walnuts that provide its amazing aroma that makes you feel like you are eating a real chicken liver pate but with a little twist. Carrots give it a great sweet taste and a “happy” look.
Serve it instead of the boring humus in your kids’ lunch or just save it for a great snack for yourself.
Ready to cook? Let’s do it!

We will need:

2 large carrots

1/2 cup of walnuts (1 cup – 250 ml.)

1/4 of white onion

1 table spoon of apple cider

1/4 cup of any plant-based milk

Vegetable oil for the pan


Boil your carrots then cool down.

Roast some nuts without oil, in a different pan sauté onions. Combine with nuts. Chill for 10 minutes.
Mix carrots, nuts and onions in your blender.
Your pate is ready!
Make sure it’s cold, then serve!


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