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Orange Sorbet (Milk & Sugar Free, Vegan, Raw)

Today we’re making an absolutely fantastic ice cream! Simply magical! Why? Because it consists of only 2 ingredients.
Yes! You’ve heard it right. There are only 2 ingredients in this recipe.
They are simple and they are healthy: orange and banana. It’s hard to believe, but just these two components give a unique taste to a very delicate ice cream – orange sorbet. The banana is barely noticeable, it only gives a creamy component to the ice cream, but the orange is really noticeable!
Orange strike!
I strongly advise you to use sweet fruit. In this case, you do not need to add any sweeteners. I did not have to.
Simple, tasty and very healthy!
Ready? Set?
Let’s go cooking!

We will need:

4 medium oranges

1 banana

Peel the oranges. Cut them into pieces and freeze them until solid.
Take them out and put them in the blender and blend together with the banana. That’s it!
If your sorbet for some reason has become a little liquefied during the blending, I recommend putting it back in the freezer for another 40 minutes. Done! In this case, you can serve it with an ice cream scoop in cones.
A surprisingly tasty dish! I highly recommend you try it!
Bon appetit!


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